About Ben

headshotTrained in fashion design at FIT, Ben Sander developed his style through a fascination with the design movements of the 20th century. His sincere love for creating moods with visual imagery has informed everything he has done. Shortly after graduating FIT, Ben developed the character of Brini Maxwell. Described by Guy Trebey in the Village Voice as the prototypical, pre-feminist 1960's homemaker, Brini took television by storm with her eponymous show. After 5 years on local New York television, the show was picked up by the Style network. During the two seasons on national cable, Brini showcased various different styles in the blank slate room set, which was redecorated every week. This creative outlet of interior design brought Ben a chance to rediscover his love for the art of crafting interiors.

Ben's work is informed by the design styles of the 20th century, but with a strong sense of class and sophistication. His bold use of color and nuanced selection of furniture and objects is at once striking and delightful. At the same time, his sensitivity to his clients' personal sense of style makes each project unique.